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Letters: Tax nonsense in California

October 18, 2012

Re "Getting to heart of tax brawl," Column, Oct. 15

George Skelton says the "practical effect" of Proposition 30's defeat would be a shortened school year, increased class sizes and increased college tuition. He writes: "There's a lot of cynicism about this by Prop. 30's anti-tax opponents. If the measure failed, they assert, these trigger cuts surely would be rescinded by the Legislature and governor under pressure from the powerful California Teachers Assn."

Let's see if I have this right: The anti-taxers say it's OK to defeat Proposition 30, but don't worry, if it does fail, the all-powerful California Teachers Assn. will make sure the catastrophe you've voted for doesn't happen.

There's a place for people who think that way. It's called a loony bin.

Mitchell Tendler

San Diego


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