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Watch Clippers' Blake Griffin chat with Chris Paul's young son

October 18, 2012|By Melissa Rohlin

On the court, Blake Griffin is a terror who runs through opponents with the power of a freight train then stuffs the ball down their throats.

Off the court, he's just a normal guy who can relate to a 3-year-old boy.

Chris Paul's son, Chris, found Griffin in the locker room amid the sea of reporters after Wednesday's preseason game.

Little Chris wanted to tell his buddy all about where he likes to keep his toys and how he has to wear a floatation device when he swims.

Griffin, who had just scored 23 points, listened intently.

"I put my toys in my cubby," Chris Paul's son said. 

Said Griffin: "I used to do that too."

Little Chris then changed the subject and started talking about the pool.

"Can you swim?" Griffin asked.

"Yeah I know how to swim," Chris Paul's son said. "I need a swim jacket so I can swim fine."

Said Griffin: "I need one too. I'm not a great swimmer without it."

"Yeah, I know," Chris Paul's son said.

It was a sweet exchange between the Clippers' superstar power forward and the cutest kid, like ever.

Griffin and Chris Paul's son clearly share a bond. After all, the young boy can accurately imitate Griffin's game face, as he demonstrated during the Clippers' playoff run last season.

It's always cool to see another side of NBA players. Check out the video above to see Griffin's softer side.


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