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Apple's iPad mini tablet may hit stores, arrive on doorsteps Nov. 2

October 19, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez

The iPad mini, or whatever it may be called, will hit stores and doorsteps on Nov. 2, according to several reports.

It's long been expected Apple would announce a 7.85-inch screen tablet sometime in October, and after sending out an invite for an Oct. 23 event earlier this week, it appears Apple is set to announce the gadget.

But a release date has been less clear.

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TechCrunch, however, is the latest and perhaps most credible source to come out with a launch date. The tech site says sources close to Apple's supply chain are reporting Nov. 2, which would be just in time for the holidays as well as a Friday. If you don't know, Apple tends to launch its products on Fridays.

That report follows one by a site called Geeky Gadgets, which on Wednesday reported the same date. Geeky Gadgets cited "someone close to a major UK retailer" as its source.

9 to 5 Mac also reported the same date, albeit less confidently, in a tweet, which you can see below.

We'll, of course, get official word from Apple at the company's event Tuesday, but if you want to mark your calendar early, Nov. 2 seems like the right date to circle.

That's when we'll also know if it'll be called the  iPad mini or the "iPad Air" as one noted blogger suggests.


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