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Britney Spears' ex-manager alleges drug use in libel suit

October 19, 2012|By August Brown
  • Britney Spears performs during the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.
Britney Spears performs during the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand… (Ethan Miller )

If there was any chance of the lawsuit between Britney Spears' parents and her ex-manager, Sam Lufti, ending politely, it went out the window on day one of the trial.

Lufti, who is suing Jamie and Lynn Spears for libel after they assumed control of her estate and filed a restraining order against him, alleged through his attorney, Joseph Schleimer, that Britney Spears "liked to use amphetamines -- speed or uppers. She liked to take that drug. And most of the things that went wrong were related to that drug." He also displayed an infamous photo of Spears with her head shaved and attacking a car with an umbrella.

Spears has been through the Promises rehab program in Malibu and certainly has seen some troubling times in the past (though recent tours and albums have been very well received). But Lufti's suit alleges even darker behavior during a period in 2007, when he managed her around the time of her "Blackout" album and when he said he brought drug-sniffing dogs to her home and found a hidden stash of meth.

Lufti also alleged that Jamie Spears punched him after insisting that he get out of his daughter's life.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Suzanne Bruguera warned Lufti and his attorneys that such allegations needed substantial evidence, which Schleimer said they would provide.

In the Spears' restraining order against their daughter's former manager, they allege he spiked her meals with pills, cut her off from her cellphone and tipped off paparazzi to her whereabouts to harass her.

Lufti's suit results from an alleged breach of contract for failure to pay 15% of her earnings, and sections of Lynn Spears' memoir in which she described him as a malevolent controller.

For those glad to have Britney back in excellent musical form, it's all a sad reminder of darker times in her career. Spears has been excused from appearing in court or testifying during the case.


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