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Recap: 'NFL Slam with Mark and Sam'

Will the Texans bounce back from their lopsided loss to the Packers? Are the Bears and Vikings true powerhouses this season? Will RG3 and Tim Tebow make more headlines this weekend? Mark Thompson and Sam Farmer discuss these topics and more.

October 19, 2012|Times staff reports

Our latest edition of "NFL Slam with Mark and Sam" was held Friday at noon.

Here are a few highlights from the show, which can be viewed above in its entirety.

--Sam thinks that the Texans will bounce back from their loss to the Packers. "It's going to be a close, physical game," he said.

--Mark wants to see if RG3 and the Redskins can continue as one of the Cinderella teams of the league.

--Sam and Mark think that Tim Tebow will be more involved this week for the Jets. "This is a real statement position for the Jets ... if they can somehow beat the Patriots, we may be talking about the Jets being for real," Mark said. 

--Sam discusses the Saints: "A lot of these teams really want to get back at the Saints and this could be a time when the Buccaneers do that. I think it will be an interesting and competitive game," he said.

--Sam called the Bears one of the elite teams in the league. Mark doesn't think the Bears have fixed their offensive line. Said Sam: "I see the Bears and the Vikings being the two powerhouse teams of that division. I have to be convinced about the Packers ... to me, that's a deeply flawed team"

--Mark wonders if Ben Roethlisberger recently walked off of the field because he suffered an ankle injury or because he was upset at offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

--Sam discusses concussions and the impact that lawsuits and liability could have on the sport in the future.


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