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Nissan recalls Altima to fix bolts; Maserati will fix air sensors

October 22, 2012|By Jerry Hirsch
  • Nissan will recall about 13,000 Altima sedans to tighten bolts in the steering system.
Nissan will recall about 13,000 Altima sedans to tighten bolts in the steering… (Nissan North America )

Nissan is recalling about 13,000 Altima sedans because bolts in the steering system could become loose, fall out and cause drivers to lose control of the car, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This recall includes some of the last-produced 2012 model year Altimas and the first of the 2013 model year cars.

Nissan discovered the problem after one of the automaker’s inspectors heard a rattle in a newly produced car.  Nissan inspected more of the vehicles and asked its dealers to inspect the inventory on their lots.

Nissan discovered that in some vehicles, the transverse link bolts and power steering rack bolts were not tightened enough. Dealers will inspect and re-tighten the bolts to the correct specification.  In some instances the bolts might be replaced.

The Altima is one of the best-selling family sedans in the U.S. Nissan just came out with the 2013 model, which is a new design and has received good reviews in the automotive press.

The NHTSA also said that  Maserati will recall about 500 model year 2012 Quattroporte, Granturismo, Granturismo Convertible and Granturismo MC luxury cars to fix a software problem with the tire-pressure monitoring system.  It might not detect when the tire has low air pressure or is deflating.

If the driver continues to operate the vehicle with a tire that has low air pressure, the tire may fail, increasing the risk of a crash, safety officials said.


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