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Letters: Libya and presidential politics

October 23, 2012

Re "U.S. can't link Libya attack to Al Qaeda," Oct. 20

I'm more than disappointed that we have another intelligence failure to deal with. Our national interests have been ill served by an armed attack that no one saw coming. The loss of a good man, Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, will hurt our efforts in Libya.

Worst of all, we have the Republicans playing "gotcha" politics, jumping the shark on every rumor to call President Obama a liar. They've even convinced Mitt Romney, who I believe to be a somewhat honest man, to join in. Will the Republicans pay the price for being so badly wrong? Probably not.

If this turns out to be the straw that broke Obama's back, or even if this event and the Republicans' accusations cause a change of U.S. fortunes in the region, I may actually be sick to my stomach from what these so-called adults are doing.

Spike Tucker



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