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Watch the tackle by Ndamukong Suh that has Brandon Marshall upset

October 23, 2012|By Chuck Schilken

Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall has had more than one chance to alter his opinion of the violent, but ruled legal, sack of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler by Detroit's Ndamukong Suh on "Monday Night Football."

Marshall first expressed his opinion on the hit via Twitter on Monday night: "A Suh. What u did to Jay wasn't cool. Great players don't have to do that"

He soon followed it with another tweet: "A Suh. Something I've learned and now passing down to you. Succeed with character."

Even Cutler and Chicago Coach Lovie Smith said they had no complaints about the tackle that briefly droveĀ  the quarterback from the game, a 13-7 victory for the Bears.

But Marshall hadn't changed his tune on Tuesday morning, when he called in to ESPN's "First Take."

"Last night the leg whip that Ndamukong Suh placed on our quarterback Jay Cutler, that was dirty. That was dirty," Marshall said. "He can be one of the best D-tackles that ever done it, but he cannot do that that way. If you look at it, c'mon man, this is not wrestling. You don't do that. That's not clean."

ESPN is reporting that the NFL has reviewed the play and determined that the officials were right in not penalizing Suh and that the Lions star will not be fined for the hit.

But Marshall is not backing down in his criticism of Suh.

Take a look at the video of the play and decide for yourself: Was it dirty or not?


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