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Neighbor zapped after climbing into Tom Cruise's yard, police say

October 29, 2012|By Christie D'Zurilla

Tempted to swing by Tom Cruise's pad without an invitation? Beware, as a taser is more likely to be rolled out than a welcome mat.

Jason Sullivan, 41, was zapped Sunday night after a security guard saw him attempting to scale a fence onto the Beverly Hills property, police told L.A. Now. Cruise was not home at the time.

But Sullivan wasn't an overzealous fan or mentally unstable individual. Rather, he's a neighbor whom police said was hammered and got confused about which home was his. (Echoes of Nicolas Cage, perhaps, or Rip Torn, no?)

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In this case, Sullivan had been partying with friends, TMZ said, and was dropped off near the house he's been staying at after hitching a ride home with someone who was in shape to drive. But "close" apparently wasn't close enough, so confusion and fence-climbing allegedly ensued. And then a trip to the hospital after he was tased.

But it looks as if the dual hangover — from the booze and from the taser — is  going to be punishment enough. Cruise reportedly isn't pursuing a trespassing charge.


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