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World Series: Violence and vandalism mar Giants fans' celebration

October 29, 2012|By Chuck Schilken

The San Francisco Giants won the World Series! Let's go set a bus on fire! Or maybe we can flip cars, break windows or set off explosives near young children! Really, the possibilities are endless!

Proving once again the utter stupidity of some sports fans, members of a large crowd in San Francisco on Sunday night used violence and vandalism to display their pleasure at the fact that their beloved Giants had just swept the Detroit Tigers to win their second World Series championship in three years.

Although a large number of the thousands of fans who took to the streets after the series-clinching game remained peaceful and jubilant, others continued a trend that often occurs following a big sports win or loss. Fire seemed to be a party favor of choice -- a transit bus was set ablaze, bonfires were fueled by couches, signs and newspaper racks, and some people seemed to enjoy simply playing with the flames.

Firefighters had to be escorted in by riot police to keep some of the fires under control. Police in riot gear were also on hand at Civic Center Plaza, where the game had been shown on the Jumbotron.

Some folks decided that breaking the windows of cars and business was the best way to mark the occasion, according to KTVU-TV, while others opted for the tried and true method of flipping vehicles.

At Polk and Bush streets in the city's Polk Gulch neighborhood, champagne was sprayed, firecrackers were set off and traffic was blocked for at least two hours after the game.

Arrests were made, but the number was not immediately available.

[Updated at 11:31 a.m.: The San Francisco Police Department reported Monday that 35 people were arrested, 22 on felony charges. Two people were arrested on gun charges.]


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