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Should there be QB changes for Cowboys, Jets and Eagles?

October 30, 2012
  • Dallas' Tony Romo, the New York Jets' Mark Sanchez and Philadelphia's Michael Vick are all veteran quarterbacks having their share of problems this season.
Dallas' Tony Romo, the New York Jets' Mark Sanchez and Philadelphia's… (Tom Pennington, Elsa, Rich…)

Writers from around the Tribune Co. discuss three of the NFL's more disappointing teams — Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and New York Jets — and their struggling quarterbacks — Tony Romo, Michael Vick and Mark Sanchez, respectively.

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Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times

At the end of the season, I would take a long look at replacing all three of these quarterbacks. But in the short term? No. Michael Vick is far from the Eagles’ only problem, and it would be dumb to swap him for rookie Nick Foles (zero career snaps) heading into Monday night’s game at New Orleans.

The Cowboys play the undefeated Falcons. I like Dallas’ chances a lot better with Tony Romo at quarterback than Kyle Orton. Remember, even after Romo had four interceptions against the Giants on Sunday, the Cowboys came within a Dez Bryant finger out of bounds of winning.

And yes, Mark Sanchez had a lousy game against Miami. That came after a couple of respectable performances against Indianapolis (a Jets win) and at New England (a Jets loss in overtime). If the Jets switch to Tim Tebow now, that means changing their offense midstream and betting the season on that, in a year in which the division race is especially tight.

Yes, Denver went on an impressive run with Tebow last season, but most of those games were won not just by the quarterback but with the help of pressure kicks by Matt Prater, game-changing plays by the defense, and forehead-slapping mistakes by the opposition. The Jets can’t bank on that.

Ron Fritz, Baltimore Sun

I’m not a big fan of quarterback changes unless the guy behind the starter gives the team a better chance to win. And in just about all three cases, you have to say why not? Each team is already in danger of being out of the playoff race and if a new quarterback gives them a boost, go for it.

In Dallas and Philadelphia, you can easily say that the quarterbacks are trying to do too much and they are turning it over at alarming rates. But the Eagles’ real problem is their defense, and it is further exposed when Michael Vick is handing the ball to the other team.

In New York, you have a backup in Tim Tebow who has already led a team to the playoffs — last season’s Broncos — that had no business being there. But again, the quarterback isn’t playing defense in New York. That’s the biggest concern, and it really is shocking to see a Rex Ryan defense abused by the Miami Dolphins.

Each coach is on the hot seat and when you reach desperation, you’ll try anything. I think they will be ready to make changes during the next game if the teams continue to struggle.

Dan Pompei, Chicago Tribune

The Cowboys, Eagles and Jets all may be better served sticking with their starting quarterbacks at the moment. The only value in the Cowboys and Eagles making moves would be to shake up their teams, because the starters — Tony Romo and Michael Vick — clearly are better than the backups. 

You can make a case for Tim Tebow starting ahead of Mark Sanchez for the Jets, given what Tebow did last season. And if the Jets continue to spiral down, there is no doubt Tebow will get his chance, and soon.

Before a drastic change is made at the quarterback position for any of these three teams, they will have to feel like they have nothing left to lose. The Jets are the closest to being there, and the Eagles might not be far behind.


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