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Baby twins dance when dad plays guitar, and the world goes 'awww'

September 01, 2012|By Deborah Netburn

The video "11 Month Old Twins Dance to Daddy's Guitar" may be the cutest video we've seen this year.

It's short and sweet. Twin girls are eating their peas when their father starts playing his guitar. They look at each other, grin, and start moving their heads wildly back and forth, almost in baby unison.

Their mother, who is filming, starts laughing. And unless you are a monster, so will you.

It is so pure and adorable and they love their dad's guitar playing so much. I defy you to only watch it one time. 

The video was posted Aug. 8 and started getting traction Tuesday of this week. It picked up 5.7 million views as of Friday evening, 1 million of which were from Friday alone.

I wouldn't be surprised if you've already enountered this video. Maybe someone posted it on your Facebook timeline. Maybe 10 people did. Maybe you caught it on Twitter or somebody emailed it to you.

You Tube trends manager Kevin Allocca said that "11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy's Guitar" was the most shared video in most cities across the United States and -- this is the part I especially love -- across all ages and genders.

It also has become popular in Japan, Mexico, Germany and other countries, because you don't need to speak English to get what's going on here: Two little girls love their dad.


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