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Letters: Talking trash collection

September 02, 2012

Re "Reworking of L.A. trash hauling moves to council," Aug. 30

I applaud the Bureau of Sanitation for introducing exclusive franchises for L.A.'s sanitation services of multifamily residences that are more like the service provided to single-family homes.

Of course, market forces may be a preferred choice, but if the market forces are inefficient and wasteful, something in the existing system is wrong. My condominium overlooks a small closed back alley area of two or three residential buildings. I have been amazed to see two or three sanitation trucks coming back there within a two-day period from different companies. Does that make economic sense?

Somehow there may need to be a guiding hand to assure that we keep the system efficient.

Maureen K. Halikis

Los Angeles

I hope the full City Council comes to its senses and defeats the proposal to create exclusive refuse hauling districts. In fact, it could do our city good to open up all collections to competition. I've found it convenient to put the Bureau of Sanitation on speed dial as I've had to call so often because of missed collections. If it's a better recycling program that's desired, why not simply enforce the no-scavenging laws that are supposed to prevent pilfering of all the "good stuff" by the army of dumpster divers that attack before the city trucks arrive?

Walter Hall

North Hollywood


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