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More commercials shot in high-definition

September 04, 2012|By Meg James
  • Matthew Broderick starred in Honda's Super Bowl commercial this year, reprising his role as Ferris Bueller. A recent report found that advertisers are increasingly delivering ads shot in high definition.
Matthew Broderick starred in Honda's Super Bowl commercial this… (RPA )

Advertisers are making the switch to shooting commercials in high-definition, with adoption rates increasing by 150% in the last two years, according to a recent report on ad trends.

In the second quarter of 2010, about 10% of all commercials were delivered in HD, according to Extreme Reach Research Group.  Extreme Reach Inc. distributes advertising spots to television stations and television networks through cloud-based technologies.

During the second quarter of this year, about 25% of ads were shot in HD. The purpose of Extreme Reach's report was to provide benchmark information to advertisers, television stations and other media outlets.

"There are still quite a few broadcasters who do not broadcast in HD," said Bobb Haskitt, chief marketing officer of Extreme Reach. 

Haskitt's firm found that 69% of all TV outlets have adopted high-definition. Stations in smaller markets, however, have been slower to roll out the expensive technology.

Among advertisers, politicians and entertainment companies have been fastest to deploy high-definition ads. At least 50% of commercials for entertainment companies, including movie studios, theme parks, sporting events and promotions for TV shows were delivered in HD.  About 75% of those advertisers were employing the technology.

However, politicians had a slightly higher percentage -- 51% of political ads reviewed by Extreme Reachwere shot in HD.  About 73% of politicians and political groups were shooting in HD, Haskitt said, adding, "Politicians are trying to get their messages across as powerfully as possible."


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