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Letters: Soldiers after the war

September 04, 2012

Re "A war veteran's identity crisis," Opinion, Aug. 30

A soldier's training transforms a gentle citizen into a person who has the grit to kill. It is necessary for national defense. Where we have gone wrong is in failing to reprogram soldiers for their return to society. Separation from service must include debriefing and retraining.

Psychological efforts are needed to create a soldier; is it really that hard to re-create a civilian? I can't imagine anyone who has gone through combat not carrying his experiences home with him. It should be policy to make sure our service men and women are prepared for civilian life.

I thank Shannon P. Meehan, the retired U.S. Army captain who wrote this Op-Ed article, for his service. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

Sue Roediger



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