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Join us for a live Google+ hangout with David Wharton on UCLA

September 04, 2012

Wharton was in China with the UCLA men's basketball on their recent historic trip.

The trip to China was a trial run, the start of what could be an annual exchange between the Pac-12 and the Federation of University Sports of China.

Pac-12 officials are eager to foster relationships with a country where they might someday broadcast games and sell merchandise to a basketball-crazed populace.

UCLA agreed to take the first step, taking a 13-hour flight to start at seven-day, three-game tour.

"This is a cultural exchange — it's not just about us playing basketball," Coach Ben Howland said before the trip. "So we want to be helpful and let them learn more about us."

The Bruins easily won all of their games in China.

Wharton and Cherwa will talk about all that and more, so join them at 8:15.


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