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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: It's Justin vs. Christina, no surprise

September 05, 2012|By Rene Lynch
  • Justin Antiorio and Christina Wilson are the last two "Hell's Kitchen" competitors standing.
Justin Antiorio and Christina Wilson are the last two "Hell's… (Fox )

The Season 10 "Hell's Kitchen" finale pits Justin Antiorio against Christina Wilson. But some of you -- yawn! -- said you saw that one coming, and you didn't need Penn & Teller or a crystal ball to figure it out.

Seems some of you are not happy with Fox previews of the two-part finale that gave a little too much away.

Dana got her walking papers but was able to keep her chef's jacket. Chef Gordon Ramsay heaped high praise on her but said she just wasn't ready to help run his new Las Vegas steakhouse.

Justin and Christina had barely clinked champagne glasses to toast their success when they received a curveball phone call from chef. They were headed to Vegas, baby, to confer poolside with chef's right-hand man and woman, Scott Leibfried and Andi van Willigan, about their dream restaurant menus. 

After some primping and pampering and surprise visits from family, the pair found themselves in the front row of a Penn & Teller show where they were suddenly the headlining act. Did you see that one coming?(Thank you, P&T, for pulling back the curtain on how to saw a man in half, and how to hide chef in a wooden box.)

Justin and Christina were sent scurrying to prepare a multi-course meal for some of the biggest celebuchefs in Vegas, including -- cue the heavenly music -- the original celebrity chef himself, Wolfgang Puck. Puck had final say in the tasting challenge, which came down to a tie (that one you saw coming, right?)

Puck said he was being forced to choose between Christina's delicious dish and Justin's gorgeously presented dish. No choice, really. Christina won the challenge, and with it the first pick from some of her former teammates who have returned for the finale. And we all saw that one coming.

The last two picked? Robyn Almodovar and Clemenza Caserta. Neither were happy about that. Do you think they'll work their hardest to help boost their respective team captains to victory? Or will they submarine them? And who will be the Season 10 winner?


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