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Obama makes surprise visit to DNC to watch Clinton's speech

September 05, 2012|By Christi Parsons

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- They may not be enjoying any kind of political "bromance," but President Obama and Bill Clinton are certainly in close alliance this week.

Obama political strategists are loving the ads that Clinton cut for the president, so much so that they're running in heavy rotation as this week's Democratic National Convention unfolds.

The Bill Clinton speech this evening was the most highly anticipated endorsement of the campaign -- so much so that Obama actually came to town early to watch him give it.

And as Clinton spoke, he waited offstage to greet him.

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In the balcony, First Lady Michelle Obama smiled, seemingly embarrassed, in the audience as Clinton kicked off his remarks by praising her speech of the previous night. He likes Obama in part because he had the good sense to marry Michelle, Clinton said.

Close associates of both Clinton and Obama say there's no deep, loving friendship between the two men -- certainly nothing like the brotherly couple thing some see happening between Republican Mitt Romney and his new running mate, Paul Ryan.

But Obama clearly appreciates Clinton's support, enough to make a personal visit to the hall for Clinton's speech.

That's more than he did for his wife. Obama and his daughters watched that speech from home.

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