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Robin Roberts updates fans on her health status

September 07, 2012|By Patrick Kevin Day
(Donna Svennevik / Associated…)

It's been a rocky few weeks for fans of "Good Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts. She's been on and off the show abruptly in anticipation of an upcoming bone marrow transplant. But she's always been good about keeping viewers informed about the latest developments in her battle with the blood disorder myelodysplastic syndrome.

On Thursday, she told Twitter followers that she was "Back home in NYC. Will rest a few days. Doctors orders to put on a lil weight...that's a first. Transplant now sched for next week. Onward."

Roberts had delayed her transplant a week in order to attend the funeral of her 88-year-old mother. Earlier this week, Roberts wrote a blog post on the show's website eulogizing her mother and discussing the delayed operation.

"Today I was supposed to be admitted to the hospital... instead I am here in Mississippi standing proudly with my family as we honor our beloved mother and celebrate her life," she wrote. "When I return to NYC and walk through those hospital doors next week momma will be right there with me."

A week ago, she left for medical leave a day early in order to be with her dying mother. Roberts rushed from New York to rural Mississippi, which was just starting to clean up after being battered by Hurricane Isaac.

Earlier this summer, Roberts took a brief leave from the show to regain her energy, and took a vacation to Italy. She returned briefly to the show before leaving again for her planned medical leave.

Roberts' personal drama has brought more viewers to "GMA," which saw its ratings rise to the biggest lead over main rival "Today" in 18 years, according to Nielsen.

Roberts has not given a date when she expects to return to the show.


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