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Letters: Driver's licenses for all Californians

September 07, 2012
  • The issue of driver's licenses for illegal immigrants has been hotly debated in California.
The issue of driver's licenses for illegal immigrants has been hotly… (Los Angeles Times )

Re "On the road to sanity in licensing," Column, Sept. 5

Anyone from Britain, France or elsewhere in Europe who visits this country can obtain an international driving permit from his country and drive in this country for as long as his visa permits. Is there not some way to grant this courtesy to those who come here, do so much for us and who are so willing to work?

Mexicans doubtless remember that California was part of Mexico and was taken from their ancestors by methods that cannot bear the light of day. They as well as we are a proud people and deserve to be a part of California, as they were and have been for hundreds of years.

Rosella A. Alm

West Covina

Michael Hiltzik states that it is an "absurd notion that a driver's license is a 'privilege.'" He continues: "Obtaining a driver's license is no more a privilege than is paying taxes; it is a duty."

This flies in the face of the facts and the law. The California DMV handbook repeatedly states that a driver's license is a privilege, not a right. It is the premise for numerous regulations. The California vehicle code time and again refers to the revocation of the driving privilege.

Privileges can be taken away; duties cannot. However, you can avoid your duties.

Gary Velasco



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