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Grown man steals a baseball from a fourth grader at Marlins game

September 07, 2012|By Melissa Rohlin

The man then proceeds to run off with the ball smiling, completely ignoring the little girl next to him who is sticking out her lower lip and appearing as though she's about to cry.

He may have not had any sympathy for the girl, but the rest of America did.

"The little girl gets boxed out," said the television announcer in the video above. "And look at that face, awwwwww."

But the story has a happy ending.

In between innings, the girl, a fourth grader named Emily Martin, tried to get another ball, this time with a dance. It worked.

A ball was tossed in her direction and no big, mean adult dared to intercept it.

She was later interviewed on television.

"My dream was to get a ball," Emily said. "But I would cry at the end because I never got one and I'd ask every single day."

Said the reporter: "Well tonight it looked like you were going to get a ball until some rude guy put his hand in front and stole the baseball -- Is that what happened?"

"Yeah! That's what happened," Emily said. 

Added the girl's mother: "She comes to all of the games hoping to get a ball and if she doesn't, she cries all the way home."

At least that ride home was tearless.


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