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Letters: Obama makes his case to America

September 08, 2012

Re "'You are the change,'" Sept. 7

I like President Obama's approach (and strategy) to reach out to women, ethnic minorities, veterans, gays, the middle class, independents and many Republicans.

On the other hand, I feel that he has been remiss in not reaching out to small-business owners and large corporations by explicitly telling them that his administration wants their input on revising regulations that they consider not only discouraging for job creation but actually a waste of effort for the country.

Obama would help American society (and perhaps his reelection chances) if he showed that he values the input of small-business owners and large corporations (including Wall Street) rather than intermittently, if not continually, disparaging them.

Marc Jacobson

Los Angeles

How are we the American people? Are we so out of touch with our own lives that we believe so much can be fixed in just four years? Sometimes, the talking heads are just that.

Obama spoke with humility about his presidency and admitted his vulnerabilities. It's his greatest strength, I felt. I was touched.

Dennis Grossman

Woodland Hills

After four years, Obama has come up with a plan to save America.

This, after being at the helm for a shipwreck that saw the national debt rise to $16 trillion and unemployment stay stubbornly above 8% (a very misleading indicator of actual employment). So now he tells us to "rally around a set of goals for your country."

The only problem I am having with the president's admonition is that I do not see any substantial difference between these goals and the goals he so convincingly sold four years ago.

Colin Dangaard



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