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Letters: Shuttle vs. trees

September 08, 2012

Re "Hug the shuttle, not the trees," Editorial, Sept. 6

I'm not a tree hugger, and I cheered when I learned a space shuttle was coming to Los Angeles, my home for 45 years. But anyone would recognize this editorial slant as classically Southern Californian. Obviously, L.A.'s appreciation is not for shade trees, as no one walks. And trees dare not break sidewalk concrete or drop leaves, flowers, sap or fronds. Those ficus trees, tried and convicted for becoming nuisances, were planted long ago in the wrong places and neglected by those who now promise an urban jungle in a few years.

Since the shuttle will not fly again, a few broken tiles could be replaced by ersatz ones. And just for fun, and maybe for the edification of Angelenos, follow-ups to this project might clear the air and slice the apparent baloney being sold by native apologists.

John O'Donnell

Los Angeles


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