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On Location

PETA calls for probe into alleged animal abuse on film sets

September 11, 2012|By Richard Verrier

The group also alleged that “extremely stressful conditions” contributed to a horse death June 25 during filming of the cable TV series “Boardwalk Empire.”

HBO, disputing the account, cited a necropsy report showing the horse had died of natural causes. AHA also called PETA’s account untrue, adding that the horse was 21 years old, was used in a background scene and had not been given any tasks to perform. AHA did not specifically respond to other complaints.

PETA also questioned AHA’s ratings, saying that the 2012 film “Wrath of the Titans” from Warner Bros. initially received an “outstanding” rating even though a horse died while being transported.

An AHA spokesman said the horse died from colic while being transported to the set and received all necessary veterinary care. The group does not have any jurisdiction over incidents that occur off set and based its rating on the fact that all the animal action on the film was performed without incident.


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