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Mike Bresnahan, Ben Bolch discuss NBA, Lakers and Clippers

September 12, 2012|By Mike James

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the start of preseason workouts and exhibitions with the Clippers and Lakers, so what better time for national NBA writer Ben Bolch and Lakers reporter Mike Bresnahan to take a look at the pro basketball landscape.

During today’s Google Hangout, hosted by Deputy Sports Editor John Cherwa, Bresnahan made it clear that he believes the Lakers – with the additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash – will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

“Absolutely, this team is a contender and should win it all,” said Bresnahan.

Bolch wasn’t so sure, and said he believes the Lakers still have shortcomings, particularly when compared to Oklahoma City.

“It’s not a slam dunk they can beat the Thunder,” he said.

Both basketball experts believe the Clippers are still a team on the rise and they agree that with the additions of Lamar Odom, Grant Hill and Jamal Crawford, the Clippers probably have a superior bench to the Lakers.

By the way, what’s Kobe Bryant up to? Bolch spent time with him Wednesday morning and a function for Bryant’s foundation to eliminate homelessness in L.A. Kobe took no basketball questions, choosing instead to focus on his foundation’s efforts. He’ll be talking basketball soon enough.

During their 20-minute hangout, there was plenty of time to discuss important issues as well, like Bresnahan’s trash talking to Bolch about throttling him last season in their fantasy league. Tune in for a great discussion.


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