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Jerry Lawler suffered no brain damage from heart attack

September 12, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

Medical personnel who were ringside when Lawler had his heart attack performed CPR for 10 minutes while attempting to revive Lawler. At the hospital, he received seven shocks before doctors were able to get his heart back to a regular beat. Because of the length of time he was in cardiac arrest, brain damage was considered a real possibility.

Lawler, 62, is a pro wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer. He is perhaps best known for his feud with comedian Andy Kaufman in the 1980s and has been a part of the WWE broadcast team for 20 years.

Also receiving much praise today is Michael Cole, Lawler's broadcast partner. Cole immediately signaled for help from the ringside doctor when Lawler collapsed. He provided updates throughout the rest of the live broadcast and kept everyone calm while Lawler was being worked on next to him. Strangely enough, Cole and Lawler have engaged in a lengthy feud in their on-air roles, even wrestling each other on a couple of occasions.

Take one look at Cole's updates, and the obvious concern and emotion he shows over Lawler, and you can see the feud was indeed on camera only.


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