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City Sip wine bar to close for a week, reopen with whole new plan

September 13, 2012|By Jessica Gelt

Since opening a little less than three years ago in Echo Park, City Sip wine bar has seen huge changes to the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Alvarado Street. Among them: new designer lofts, the opening of Tony Yanow's massive Mohawk Bend across the street, the destruction and slow resurrection of Pizza Buona and the planned expansion of vegetarian cafe Elf.

All the while cheerful and welcoming owner Nicole Daddio has kept a devoted customer base. One can assume, however, that that base has been changing along with the block. And now a news release comes from Daddio's camp saying that City Sip will close for one week after service this Friday, the 14th, and reopen again on Friday the 21st with Daddio still behind the bar.

"Nothing else, however, will remain the same," reads the pleasingly mysterious missive. "Nor will any of her plans be announced in advance."

To tease us about what we might expect from City Sip 2.0, Daddio also sent along the video above. From the looks of it, Daddio intends to open a more free-spirited bar. One more interested in the business of getting loose than in naming that varietal.

It's a good move, I think. With that stretch of Sunset such a happening spot, it's time to ratchet things up a notch. A rollicking, fun-loving wine bar might be just the thing.


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