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Letters: Hunting with dogs isn't a sport

September 13, 2012

Re "Let hounds loose on bears," Column, Sept. 10

George Skelton's shocking screed suggesting bears should be hunted down and killed because "they grow out of control" is a perfect example of why so many animal rights groups have come into being.

"We can't use our condo's heavy-duty, latched garbage cans anymore. The bears have mastered it. Trash has to be toted 100 yards to a dumpster." Oh, excuse me. The majestic creatures that have historically occupied mountainous territory have become a nuisance?

Hunt and kill: That seems to be Skelton's solution. Frankly, I find his views repugnant.

Sylvia Lewis

Thousand Oaks

Hunting is the "sport" of cowards, and using dogs is even worse. Hounding is out of step with Californians' values, and Gov. Jerry Brown should sign SB 1221 to ban this practice.

Skelton fails to explore the truly inhumane nature of using hounds to hunt bears. Packs of radio-collared dogs are released into the woods to chase frightened bears into trees so hunters can shoot them at point-blank range. If the bear is not fast enough, hounds can maul it on the ground. Dogs may also be injured in the fight, lost in the chase or abandoned.

Are we still in the Stone Age?

Sandra Boss



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