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Watch Astros pitcher Jamie Storey get hit in face by line drive

September 13, 2012|By Houston Mitchell

In a scene reminiscent of Oakland pitcher Brandon McCarthy's injury last week, Houston Astrospitcher Mickey Storey was hit in the face by a line drive during the Cubs' 5-1 victory over the Astros on Wednesday night.

"I saw it come back at me and I don't know if I was trying to catch it or trying to defend my face, but I felt it hit," Storey told the Houston Chronicle. "I initially went to get the ball, and then I kind of blacked out and felt a lot of ringing."

That ringing he heard was the reverberation of the ball clanging off his ear.

The injury took place in the eighth inning, with Dave Sappelt batting for the Cubs.

"When I hit it, I didn't think he would be able to get out of the way,'' Sappelt told the Associated Press. ''As soon as he let the ball go, it was coming right at him. I didn't know whether to run to him at the mound or to first. I was in one of those 'I don't know what to do' moments.''

Storey walked off the field under his own power. Hopefully there are no complications.

Last week, McCarthy was hit in the head by a line drive off the bat of Erick Aybar of the Angels. He too walked off the field under his own power, but underwent emergency surgery the following day after doctors discovered he had fractured his skull.


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