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'X Factor' disappoints in debut. 'Finding Nemo' to find more cash.

September 14, 2012|By Joe Flint
  • A scene from "Finding Nemo."
A scene from "Finding Nemo." (Pixar )

After the coffee. Before seeing if I can land a judging gig on Fox's "The X Factor."

The Skinny: This weekend, I'll see if the Redskins are for real or if last week's win was a fluke. And maybe I'll see a movie. Friday's headlines include a look at the weekend box office, ABC News getting sued and "The X Factor" failing to set the world on fire in its season debut.

Daily Dose: The cable industry is keeping a close eye on the Federal Communications Commission, which must decide in the next three weeks whether to keep its program access rules alive. The rules, which require a pay-TV distributor that also owns content to make that content available to rival distributors, expires in about three weeks. The rules are credited with the creation of the satellite broadcast industry, but the cable guys have never liked the law. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is expected to reveal what he's thinking as early as today.

Guess this one isn't on IMDB yet. The mystery of just who exactly is behind the movie "Innocence of Muslims" is starting to clear up. Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, head of the Duarte-based charity Media for Christ, and convicted felon Nakoula Basseley Nakoula have emerged as the driving forces behind the  low-budget film cited for inspiring violence in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere. Many who worked on the film said they were sold a bill of goods from producers and led to believe that the movie was something else. Coverage from the Los Angeles Times and New York Times. Meanwhile, Google's YouTube has blocked the video in Egypt and Libya, and debates are raging about whether the online video site is making the right call or caving to pressure.

Keep swimming. A 3-D re-release of "Finding Nemo" should swim its way to the top of the box office this weekend with about $30 million in ticket sales. That says a lot not only for the power the Pixar hit but what it is competing against. The only other movie opening expecting to do any business is "Resident Evil: Retribution," which is projected to make $27 million or so. As for me, I'm going to try to catch "The Master." I didn't even know they were making a movie about me, so I'm curious to see how I'm portrayed. Box-office previews from the Los Angeles Times and Variety

Not much of a factor. The Season 2 premiere of Fox's "The X Factor" with new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joining Simon Cowell flopped. Not only did it lose in the hour it went head-to-head with NBC's "The Voice," it also posted lower ratings than the show's debut last season. Given the hype behind it and the money spent on Spears and Lovato, there is a lot of head-shaking going on at the Fox lot today. For what it is worth, "The Voice" isn't exactly setting the world on fire either. Clearly we've gone past the saturation point on musical talent shows and viewers are tuning out. Analysis from Vulture.

Where's the beef? Beef Products Inc. has filed a $1.2-billion defamation suit against ABC News regarding a story on a beef additive the company uses that the network described as "pink slime." BPI charges that the ABC report has scared consumers and that there is nothing wrong with its additive. An ABC News spokesman said the suit has no merit. More from the Wall Street Journal.

Oops. Walt Disney Co. said it would take a $50-million write-down after it pulled the plug on an untitled animation movie from Henry Selick, the director whose credits include "Coraline" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Details from the New York Post

Old hat. Don Mischer has agreed to direct the 85th Academy Awards, marking the third year in a row Mischer has helmed the Oscars. Mischer's credits include Olympic ceremonies and the Kennedy Center Honors. No word yet on who's hosting. More from the Hollywood Reporter.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: Kenneth Turan on "The Master." What's really motivating Dish's commercial-skipping device.

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