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Nebraska winning big but Arkansas State looks like a million bucks

September 15, 2012|By Chris Dufresne
  • Nebraska Cornhuskers are paying Arkansas State $1 million for Saturday's game.
Nebraska Cornhuskers are paying Arkansas State $1 million for Saturday's… (Eric Francis / Getty Images )

What price victory?

Well, Nebraska set the price at $1 million. That's what the Cornhuskers are paying Arkansas State for Saturday's game in Lincoln.

Alabama may have "The Million Dollar Band," but Arkansas State can now post "The Million Dollar Paycheck."

Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne told the Associated Press in an email the fee is so high because Nebraska is not returning a game at Arkansas State. Nebraska paid Southern Mississippi $300,000 for a game earlier this season but the Cornhuskers are returning the game next year.

Major programs are often willing to pay high prices to entice "easy win" games to their home stadiums. Florida Atlantic is receiving $1 million the next two weeks for games at Georgia and Alabama.

Nebraska is leading Arkansas State, 28-3, at the half. Folks in Lincoln would call that money well spent.


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