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Letters: Public safety and common sense

September 16, 2012

Re "Fire dispatch script blamed for CPR delays," Sept. 14

Reading your article concerning the myriad questions (many irrelevant) that Fire Department dispatchers must ask before sending help made me wonder where common sense factors in situations such as this.

Some other examples: Isn't it common sense that a politician accused of doing something illegal should be fired immediately? Isn't it common sense that teachers unions need to be reined in, given the state of our school systems and that tenure as we know it has outlived its usefulness? Isn't it common sense that pensions for public workers are so out of line with the private sector that unions that try to protect the status quo need to be reined in?

There are so many examples I could cite that show why average citizens are so frustrated.

David Radden

Playa del Rey


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