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Twitter rolls out user option similar to Facebook 'Cover Photo'

September 18, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • Ryan Seacrest is one Twitter user who has adopted the new profile page.
Ryan Seacrest is one Twitter user who has adopted the new profile page. (Twitter )

Twitter introduced a feature similar to Facebook's "Cover Photo" that allows users to post a large personal picture to their profile page.

It also updated the apps for using Twitter on mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads as well as phones running Android.

Users can now add large photos that will appear above their tweets on their profile page, a feature Twitter is calling the "Header Photo."

But the Header Photo is hardly innovative. Facebook introduced something similar called the Cover Photo back when it announced its new Timeline profiles late last year. Since then, more websites have been adopting similar looks, including Google+ and LinkedIn.

The main difference between Twitter's Header Photo and Facebook's Cover Photo is Twitter will have a text overlay as well as an inset of the the user's main profile picture.

The overlayed text includes users' name, handles, profile description, location and website URL. NBC's Matt Lauer and Ryan Seacrest are two users who've already received the new look.

To add a Header Photo, go to the gear icon at the top right of Twitter and click on "Settings." Next, click on "Design" and scroll down. You'll find an area that says "Header" where you'll be able to add a picture.

Header Photo is an option and users do not have to have it on their profile page.

Header Photos are also available on mobile devices with the new updated apps, which Twitter rolled out Tuesday and can be downloaded now.


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