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Critic's Pick: 3-D suits 'Finding Nemo' just fine

September 19, 2012|By Betsy Sharkey
  • "Finding Nemo 3D" has the same warm heart as the original.
"Finding Nemo 3D" has the same warm heart as the original. (Disney / Pixar )

"Finding Nemo" always will rank among my favorite movies, but the idea of seeing the film in 3-D had me worried: Would the morphing required to take the movie into the third dimension diminish rather than enhance such a satisfying story?

Would an ocean teaming with neon bright fish seem dimmer, or the animation less whimsical?

Would the visual pizazz overshadow that chorus of fabulous voices led by Ellen DeGeneres' darling doltish Dory and Albert Brooks' worried and wary clown fish dad?

Or could the cool new effects come to matter more than finding Nemo?

The short answer is no — 3-D suits "Nemo" just fine.

Some of the fish seem bolder and closer and most certainly the technology makes swimming with sharks more memorable.

But what carries "Finding Nemo" in 3-D is the same warm heart that kept it afloat from the start, for that's the dimension that matters most.

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