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Romney supporters try ads that don't mention their candidate

September 19, 2012|By Alana Semuels
  • A screen grab from the Republican Jewish Coalition's ad "Michael," which focuses on President Obama's first term instead of Mitt Romney.
A screen grab from the Republican Jewish Coalition's ad "Michael,"… (Republican Jewish Coalition…)

Mitt Romney hasn’t been doing himself any favors lately, but a lot of voters out there dislike President Obama. So some Romney supporters seem to be trying a new tack with Romney ads: not mentioning Romney.

The Republican Jewish Coalition, for instance, released an ad Wednesday that will run in Florida, Ohio, Nevada and Philadelphia, part of a $5-million ad buy. It features Michael Goldstein, a Jewish Democrat from New Jersey, who speaks about his disappointment with President Obama.

Goldstein, who said he held a fundraiser for Obama in 2008, says he is turned off by Obama’s policies toward Israel and his treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a visit.

“Barack Obama is a terrible economic president. The jobs numbers are terrible,” he says, to the camera. “We can definitely do better than Barack Obama.”

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The ad doesn’t mention Mitt Romney once.

The Romney campaign also released a new ad Wednesday, “Way of Life.” It’s part of a push by the campaign to criticize the president on coal, and is one of two ads recently released about Obama’s policies toward coal. It features a man who says his family has worked in the coal industry for 60 years.

“Policies that the current administration’s got is attacking my livelihood,” he says. “I got two young grandsons. I’m scared for their future, let alone mine.”

The miner says he supports Mitt Romney at the end of the ad, but says nothing about liking the candidate.

Another recent Romney ad, “Dear Daughter,” features a woman holding a baby, welcoming her to America, where “Obama’s policies are making it harder for women.” It also does not mention Romney.

Those ads contrast sharply with spots the Romney campaign released earlier in the week. Those ads, “The Romney Plan,” seek to lay out Romney’s plan for turning around the country, and feature him speaking to the camera, interspersed with shots of people working.

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