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Did Lady Gaga unveil a rap song, 'Cake Like Gaga,' last night?

September 20, 2012|By Randall Roberts | Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic
  • Lady Gaga visits China in 2011.
Lady Gaga visits China in 2011. (Sam Yeh )

Online sleuths have been busy over the last 15 hours uncovering what could be a new Lady Gaga track called "Cake Like Gaga." If so, the queen of the Monster's Ball has released her first rap song. Yes, you read that correctly.

Here's the backstory, which Spin reported on Wednesday evening. It seems that one of Gaga's producers, DJ White Shadow, took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to announce a competition to craft lyrics for a new instrumental hip-hop track he'd written in a hot subgenre style called Trap. He said he’d post the winner, and over the next few hours tweeted updates as entries came in. 

He then announced the winner with a link to a Soundcloud page featuring “Cake Like Gaga,” which presents a rapper with syrupy-slow vocals pitched down so low that it seems to be the voice of a man.

But when that same vocal is normalized, boom, a voice that sounds a lot like Lady Gaga is rapping about an imagined day in the life of . . . Lady Gaga. You can listen to the original version here, and the pitched-up version here and decide for yourself (Alas, the would-be Gaga has a potty mouth, so we’re not going to embed.)

Commenters on Soundcloud seem pretty convinced -- and are obviously giddy. Writes one: "OH MY GOD SHE'S MY RAPPER <3."

If it indeed turns out to be Gaga's new direction, kudos for the effort. Very innovative way to unveil a track.

What do you think? Is that Gaga? And if so, is the stunt, as Spin suggested, "borderline racist," or all in good fun?


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