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The seven kinds of people you meet at Emmy parties

September 21, 2012|By Matt Donnelly
  • The Ministry lists the most anticipated parties of Emmy Awards 2012.
The Ministry lists the most anticipated parties of Emmy Awards 2012. (Maximilian Kornell / Los…)

What makes Sunday's Emmy telecast exciting, as with any awards show, is the race. Sizing up nominees, weighing odds and, well, the blood sport is tradition.

So is vetting the best celebrations before, during and after the gold trophies go out.

In the last few seasons, the Emmys have developed a party circuit so consistent -- half micro-economy surrounding the show, half social hierarchy in action -- that they've inspired some hilarious archetypes.

Won't you meet them? In our rundown of the most anticipated Emmy parties, we've named the most common personalities found at each. But, really, it's just an honor to be invited.

PHOTOS: The Seven Kinds of People You Meet at Emmy Parties

From Audi's Sept. 16 kickoff with the cast of "Modern Family" and last year's big winner Melissa McCarthy, to the glittery enclaves that will fill HBO's Pacific Design Center fete on Sunday night, check out expected celebs and the characters they'll meet in the photo gallery above. 


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