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NFL Network expected to be coming soon to Time Warner

September 21, 2012|By Chuck Schilken
  • New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning signals for a touchdown during Thursday night's game against the Carolina Panthers.
New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning signals for a touchdown during… (Streeter Lecka / Getty Images )

Eli Manning and the New York Giants sure looked like they were in Super Bowl form again Thursday night, don't you think?

What? You didn't see the game?

Well, what about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler? He really looked like a jerk shoving his own teammate on the sideline last Thursday night, didn't he?

Huh? Didn't see that one either? What kind of NFL fan are you anyway? Don't you want to see every single game shown on national TV?

Oh, wait a minute. You're a Time Warner Cable subscriber, aren't you? So you can't see the Thursday night games because they're on the NFL Network. That's too bad.

But guess what? That should change soon. The nation's fourth-largest pay TV signal provider is said to have agreed to carry the NFL Network in a deal that may be announced as early as Friday, according to multiple sources.

Time Warner had been the last of the top nine providers not to carry the network after Cablevision announced a deal last month.

“It was inevitable,” cable television consultant Lee Berke told Bloomberg, which was the first to report the deal. “Once the other carriers have it, then it would’ve put Time Warner at a competitive disadvantage.”

In addition to the NFL Network, Time Warner has also agreed to broadcast the RedZone Channel, which shows touchdowns and important plays inside the 20-yard line. There's been no indication as to when the changes might take place.


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