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New Interpretravel app puts you in touch with an interpreter

September 23, 2012|By Hugo Martin
(Interpretravel )

Traveling abroad on business but don’t speak the language?

Not to worry. You can communicate in dozens of languages through digital translation software that you can upload to your smartphone, such as Google Translate. Or you can call a service that charges you by the minute to speak with an interpreter, such as Language Line Services.

A new entry into the market is the Travel Team Inc., a New York travel management company that has developed the Interpretravel app, which can be loaded on to iPhones and other mobile devices.

Users of the application can tap buttons on the screen to connect to interpreters of 20 languages for $2.89 per minute.

But be warned: Launching the app and getting an interpreter on the phone can take up to a minute or two so turn it on before you find yourself in a taxi in Moscow, trying to get to your hotel.


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