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Videos purportedly showing Foxconn workers rioting hit the Web

September 24, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez

At least two videos have landed on YouTube claiming they show parts of the riot that erupted at a Foxconn plant in Taiyuan, China, this past weekend.

News reports say a brawl among Foxconn workers broke out Sunday night and turned into a riot involving 2,000 people. According to Reuters, 5,000 police officers were on the scene to control the outburst.

Forty people were taken to the hospital but there are conflicting reports about any deaths. The plant, which some reports say has an iPhone assembly line, is now expected to be closed for as many as three days.

The fight is said to have started after a plant security guard hit a worker.

As far as the videos, one of them (seen above) is shot in a very dark area and it's difficult to tell what's happening, but you see many young people walking around what appears to be some sort of campus. Throughout the video a group of people cheer and you see them walk over metal fences that appear to have been knocked over.

The video ends with someone talking from a speakerphone with a large police bus with flashing lights in the background. You can see the same bus or a similar one in another video, which is below.


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