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L.A.'s FIDLAR writes anthem for Cha Cha Lounge; now we need a drink

September 25, 2012|By August Brown
  • Zac Carper of FIDLAR performs at FYF Fest 2012 on Sept. 1 in Los Angeles.
Zac Carper of FIDLAR performs at FYF Fest 2012 on Sept. 1 in Los Angeles. (Katie Stratton/Getty Images )

Even though we are several years removed from 22 and have a wonderful significant other, we will always have a sepia-toned nostalgia for the insane hormones-and-PBR hookup chaos that is the Cha Cha Lounge in Silver Lake. It is -- along with the Burbank IKEA -- L.A.'s Ellis Island for newly arrived transplants hoping to get famous in indie rock, avant-garde art or HBO edgy-sitcom-land.

A hit at the recent FYF Fest, L.A.'s trashy surf-punkers FIDLAR share our sentiment. They've casually tossed off "At the Cha Cha (ft. Los Angeles)," and it may be the best ode to a neighborhood bar since Tom Waits' "The Piano Has Been Drinking."

The sandblasted guitars and overdriven vocals perfectly evoke that point around 12:30 a.m. when you're six beers deep, trying to find your friends and wiping off the lipstick from that nice girl merely days removed from Norman, Okla., who just tackled you into the photo booth.

Nice work, FIDLAR. Is it too early to crack a tallboy and start playing too-competitive foosball?


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