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Morrissey: Please please please let me get you a glass of water

September 26, 2012|by Carolyn Kellogg
  • Morrissey performing at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.
Morrissey performing at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. (Barbara Davidson )

Emotionally fulsome singer Morrissey came to the aid of an ailing woman in New York's The Strand Bookstore this weekend, Queerty writes.

According to a tipster, a friend saw an elderly woman collapse on the floor of The Strand near where Morrissey had been browsing for books. He "rushed to her side," helped pick up what she'd dropped, and offered to get her a glass of water.

She declined his assistance and said she was fine. Apparently she didn't realize she was being tended to by the sensitive pop star who has long fascinated fans. And yet she must have known he was something special: She touched his cheek in thanks.

Morrissey is slated to publish a memoir titled with Penguin in the U.K. in December. "I'm really not that interesting, so I don't know why I've written so much," he told BBC Radio 4 last year, after turning in a manuscript at 200,000 words.

The singer continued, with characteristic self-doubt, "I just wonder if 660 pages are too much for people to bear. And then I sit down and think, well, are six pages too much for people to bear? I really don't know. [It's] baffling."

The report of the vegan former Smiths frontman's good deed at The Strand Bookstore concluded with the sad fact that he left flustered, without buying any books for himself.


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