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How to pelt Obama and Romney with tomatoes, safely

September 26, 2012|By Jon Healey
  • A screen shot from the Mad Humans Election 2012 app.
A screen shot from the Mad Humans Election 2012 app. (Sideline Amusements )

Fed-up voters might be tempted to launch a tomato at either or both presidential candidates, but the idea of being wrestled to the ground by muscular Secret Service agents is an effective deterrent. So is the likelihood of federal prosecution.

Sideline Amusements is offering a safer way to express your dissatisfaction with the ticket: Mad Humans Election 2012. It's a game for smartphones and tablet computers that involves tossing tomatoes, heads of lettuce or pizza slices at the candidates' avatars and their minions (Mormon missionaries for the GOP, paper-pushing bureaucrats for the Democrats) while dodging their return fire.

Although the game mechanics are rudimentary and not entirely reliable, there's something undeniably satisfying about pelting Vice President Joe Biden with vegetables while he tries to nail you with a bronze hole-puncher. But maybe that's just me.

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At any rate, the game is free, as is one target from each party: Biden on the left, Donald Trump on the right. (Trump's weapons are a lethal mouth and lawsuits.) But to throw down with President Obama or GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, you'll have to pay 99 cents.

How appropriate: To interact with the candidates, you have to part with some cash.

Mad Humans is a relatively late entry into a field crowded with apps for iPhones, iPads and Androids that play off of the election. If you have a personal favorite, let us know in the comment section below.


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