Watch prep soccer player who has only one leg score a goal

September 28, 2012

Here's what's so remarkable about that: Calabria has one leg, which would seem to be a disadvantage in a sport most of the world calls "football."

Calabria, who plays for Concord-Carlisle High, one of the top soccer schools in the state, was born without a right leg. But using crutches he manages to get up and down the field almost as fast as his able-bodied teammates.

Last week, in a 9-0 win over Newton South, he positioned himself on the far side of the goal, about 10 yards from the net, for a corner kick. When the ball sailed over the crowd in front of the goal, Calabria balanced himself on his crutches and threw his left foot at the ball, striking it cleanly into the lower right corner of the net.

A video of the goal quickly went viral. But amazing as that was, it might not even rank in the top 10 of Calabria's athletic feats. The senior is also a standout wrestler for Concord-Carlisle, is a member of the U.S. National Amputee Soccer team and, at 13, became the first person to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro on crutches.

During the climb he left his father, Carl, who developed altitude sickness, behind while raising more than $100,000 for the Free Wheelchair Mission, an organization that provides wheelchairs for  people in developing nations.

"Basically I’ve lived my entire life knowing that I’m completely capable of anything," Calabria told the Boston Herald.


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