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Snooki elopes, and other celebrity April Fools' Day pranks

April 01, 2013|By Nardine Saad
  • Snooki and Jionni's April Fools' Day 2013 prank.
Snooki and Jionni's April Fools' Day 2013 prank. (Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi…)

Did Snooki and fiancé Jionni LaValle elope? Nope!

The "Jersey Shore" star tweeted a photo of herself in a fluffy wedding dress and enormous tiara hugging her fiancé (prom-style) Monday, which happened to be April Fools' Day.

"Jionni and I eloped!!! Here's a pic of the magical day!!" she titled the pic. Her Celebuzz blog blasted email subscribers with the message as well, and commenters went at it, sending in April Fools' props, accusations of Photoshop use, congrats and some messages not appropriate for a family website.

"Mannn you fooled me!!!" LaValle responded to her tweet, further fueling the fool fire. (Say that five times fast!)

And celeb blogger Perez Hilton also called her out on the site, saying, "Yeah. April Fools."

But the pic, which features the couple posing in a decorated ballroom featuring a large purple heart,  seems heavily doctored, as her commenters pointed out.

The self-proclaimed "meatball" apparently "loves pranking folks," her rep told People.

"APRIL FOOLS ya freaks!! My ass is gonna have a huge wedding lets be serious lololol," she later wrote on Instagram, reposting the photo with the "bazinga" message.

"Magical," indeed -- smoke, mirrors and some shoddy photo editing didn't fool us, Snooks.

Boxer Mike Tyson also appeared to partake in the first-of-the-month befuddlement, telling followers that he planned to remove his signature face tattoo.

"At the doctors office this morning. Getting this tattoo removed from my face. This is going to be painful." he wrote, later adding, "Ok. April Fools. There is no #. This tattoo is with me forever."

Actor George Takei of the original "Star Trek" TV series piled on the pranks, to the chagrin of "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" fans.

"Friends, I am thrilled to announce that I'll be starring in the Star Wars reboot directed by JJ Abrams," he posted on Facebook with a photo of himself wearing a hood and brandishing a lightsaber. "I'll be playing Master Ceti Maru, a member of the Jedi High Council. The new film, entitled 'Star Wars: Galactic Empire,' is greenlit and will begin filming sometime early next year. It is truly a moment for The Star Alliance. Thanks to all my fans for their decades of support."

He later shed some light on the statement with the simple phrase: "Gotcha."

James Franco and Seth Rogen cleverly used the holiday to market Rogen's directorial debut film "This Is the End" by launching a trailer for the nonexistent sequel to their 2008 stoner comedy "Pineapple Express." In "This Is the End," celebrities including Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Aziz Ansari, Emma Watson Danny McBride, Rihanna and Mindy Kaling play themselves and are trapped at a party inside Franco's mansion after a cataclysmic event threatens the world.

The real film hits theaters June 14.

But perhaps the best prank of the day came courtesy of Justin Bieber, who tweeted then deleted, "as promised taking ALL fan phone calls today at (888) 847 9869. Talk to u soon!"

It was up only briefly, but with almost 37 million followers watching his feed, it was enough. That number, by the way, is the tip line at celebrity gossip site TMZ.

"Justin Bieber put our phone number on his Twitter page today. Sweet kid," TMZ honcho Harvey Levin said with a laugh during Monday's "TMZ Live" online.

"It is actually pretty funny," Levin said as they kept cutting to the poor guy answering the phone, which was ringing nonstop. "Gotta hand it to him."


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