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'Easter Bunny' pulled over on freeway but not ticketed

April 01, 2013|By Tony Perry

LA MESA -- It's not every day a California Highway Patrol officer pulls over an "Easter Bunny."

But that's what happened on a San Diego County freeway over the weekend when Officer Adam Griffiths pulled over a motorcyclist who was dressed as a giant rabbit.

"Griffiths stopped the motorcyclist on westbound Interstate 8 at Jackson Drive for not wearing a helmet," CHP spokesman Brian Pennings said, according to City News Service.

Pennings said Griffiths radioed in: "I'm stopping the Easter Bunny."

After the motorcyclist hopped off his vehicle, Pennings' partner in the squad car snapped a picture of the giant rabbit. The photo was widely distributed in the media.

"Griffiths told the motorcyclist that it was a serious situation and that it wasn't a joke,” Pennings said. "He explained to him the safety ramifications of not having a helmet."

Pennings also noted that the costume was a problem because motorcyclists constantly need to turn their heads to observe traffic to the side or behind them.

The bunny reportedly had an explanation: He was on his way to an Easter charity event.

That was one reason the rider was let with a warning, but "if you ride a motorcycle, you have to be aware of your total surroundings," Pennings said.


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