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Village Roadshow conquers China. Aereo takes Round 1.

April 02, 2013|By Joe Flint
  • Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon tried to have some fun with their late night drama.
Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon tried to have some fun with their late night drama. (Associated Press )

After the coffee. Before hoping this year was just an an April Fools' joke.

The Skinny: If I'm ever kidnapped, please don't hire Ryan Hardy to rescue me. That guy could lose an elephant in a petting zoo. Yes, Fox's serial killer drama "The Following" is still frustrating me. Tuesday's headlines include a look at how Village Roadshow is conquering China, the FCC may try to relax its indecency rules and NBC's Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon try to have some fun with their present situation.

Daily Dose: The cable network Disney Jr. is getting a lot of attention for its ratings growth and is expected to top Viacom's Nick Jr. in the ratings race for preschoolers. Also on the rise is Sprout, the kids network backed by Comcast's NBCUniversal and PBS. While only in about 50 million homes, its ratings have shown growth for 16 straight months

Aereo takes Round 1. Aereo, the start-up that distributes broadcast signals via the Internet, has won the first legal challenge to its right to exist. A federal appeals court in New York denied a request from CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC and other broadcasters to shut down Aereo on arguments that it violates their copyrights. Although Aereo won this round, odds are an appeal or another suit from the broadcasters will be coming. Coverage of Aereo's fight with bg media from the Los Angeles Times and New York Times.

Made in China. As much of Hollywood figures out how to best crack the Chinese market, Village Roadshow, the Australian media company, has found huge success there with its movie "Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons." The film has already made more than $200 million in China since opening in February. Unlike big studios, which often will just make a Chinese version of a U.S. movie, Village Roadshow makes its films specifically for China. "It's a defining moment in terms of sticking to our guns," Greg Basser, Village Roadshow's chief executive, told the Los Angeles Times

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Drawing a new line. The Federal Communications Commission is seeking comment from the industry and consumers about whether it needs to rethink how it polices broadcast radio and television for so-called indecent content. The FCC is considering focusing more on egregious cases such as a potty-mouth disc jockey and less on the occasional fleeting expletive or flash of nudity. Keep in mind, the FCC only regulates broadcast TV and radio content. Cable and the Internet get a pass. Details from the Los Angeles Times and Broadcasting & Cable

Will they take their act on the road? NBC late-night hosts Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon put together a music video of sorts meant to poke fun at all the speculation regarding who will be hosting "The Tonight Show" next year. The song, set to the West Side Story tune "Tonight," featured both hosts singing their love to each other. There were also some pointed barbs about the show and NBC. All it needed was a Matt Lauer cameo in the end. More on the video from USA Today.

Seller's market. We're in the midst of television pilot season, which means actors are scrambling to find their next potential job. When there were three broadcast networks making pilots all at the same time it was kind of a controlled madness. But now not only are the broadcasters busy, but cable networks and online players such as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are in the game too. That means mad scrambles by everyone to lock up actors. TV Guide looks at the casting crunch and the headaches it causes.

Inside the Los Angeles Times: NBC hopes to take a bite out of the competition with its new drama "Hannibal." As Myanmar moves away from a repressive regime and closer to democracy, there are hopes that its once-proud film industry can be revitalized

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