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Central Valley man discovers patio made of grave markers

April 02, 2013|Fox 40 Sacramento

A Central Valley handyman working in the backyard of a Manteca house said he was shocked to discover a patio that appeared to be made of dozens of grave markers.

Daniel Lopez said he reported his discovery to the police and the landlord who owns the house.

"It's kind of scary," Lopez said. “There were 300-plus, I think. Wouldn’t have known it until somebody flipped them over; they looked like bricks.”

The markers, each one belonging to a deceased person, were face-down and used to build a backyard patio.

Authorities eventually were able to confirm that the gravestones were only temporary markers that had been thrown out once permanent headstones were put in place at Park View Cemetery.

Neighbors say the markers have been sitting in the backyard for more than 30 years, and throughout the decades, the house has had several owners. This week, the house is for rent.

“Makes you think, how did they get there? Whoever put them there must have known where they came from,” one neighbor said.


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