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Letters: Healthcare's rising costs

April 02, 2013

Re "A bump for the healthcare law," Editorial, and "Health costs to rise 30% for some," March 29

The rise in insurance premiums is one of many "bumps" Californians will need to endure as provisions of President Obama's Affordable Care Act are put in place. Enacting complex laws is a mainstay of lobby groups designed to confuse Americans (exemplified by healthcare reform) and does not lead to a "more rational and efficient system," as the editorial puts it.

This law continues to allow for-profit private insurance companies to have a stranglehold on the American healthcare system, while prospering countries around the world have devised efficient systems statistically proven to provide better care at lower cost. Ultimately, we as a people will not be able to compete globally as we face other "bumps," including bankruptcy, foreclosure, denial of coverage and financial disaster.

Taking profit out of our healthcare system should be the first step to decrease future "bumps" for all of us.

Gene Dorio, MD

Santa Clarita

I don't know how much more I can sustain. In 2007, I was paying $305 per month for my individual coverage. Now I am paying $697, and that's with a $5,000 deductible. Another 30% would be obscene and unaffordable.

I'm already paying to support uninsured people with my premiums and taxes. Why am I being penalized?

Stephany Yablow

North Hollywood


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