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Phil Jackson's agent disputes story on UCLA search

Todd Musburger has a different version of the contact between the former Lakers coach and UCLA's Dan Guerrero, but it does not appear to include all the facts.

April 02, 2013|T.J. Simers

The other day I wrote a funny story, which failed to get a laugh out of Phil Jackson's agent, Todd Musburger.

The way I heard it, UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero called Musburger's office, and talked to his son, Brian, about Jackson helping UCLA find a replacement for Ben Howland.

Musburger put out a news release after I wrote about it and said I was wrong.

I think everyone understands I am never wrong.

I asked Guerrero on Tuesday if he had talked to Jackson's agent.

"A third party who is close to our program heard Phil was interested in helping us out on the search and would I call," Guerrero said. "So I did. He indicated he might be willing to help as a consultant if we were willing to hire him."

Musburger failed to mention in his release his son had talked to Guerrero about Jackson. It sounds deceptive now, but then he's an agent. And an attorney as well.

He's also Brent Musburger's brother — you know, the TV broadcaster who almost swooned when he spotted the girlfriend of Alabama's quarterback sitting in the stands.

Maybe it's a family trait, the Musburgers sometimes going overboard. I don't know.

I just know that Guerrero said he told Jackson's agent he was busy hiring a coach. And he didn't know when he could get back to Jackson, if ever.

The weekend passed without contact, and Jackson should be used to that by now after dealing with the Lakers.

Very funny, but a serious Musburger said it was inaccurate to write that a financial deal had been discussed and Jackson might help with UCLA recruits.

I cannot imagine an agent not telling the truth.

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